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Services - Hospitality Industry Advertising And Marketing Solutions


We know the hospitality industry through and through—its unique array of market segments, its sensitivities to economic and social changes, and its ever-changing relationship with digital and other media. And our customized discovery process ensures we will get to know your company equally well.

First, we listen. We gather a 360-degree understanding of your priorities, needs, and budget, and make sure your objectives and your major stakeholders are aligned. Our goal is to provide integrated advertising solutions perfectly responsive to your needs.

Then, we research. We develop a complete, fresh understanding of internal and external forces on the industry and on your market. 

Then, we synthesize and iterate. We prepare a proposal outlining recommended strategies and meet with you to review it. After any needed adjustments or further research, we drill down with a multi-pronged tactical plan for implementing those strategies. 

Finally, we execute, implement, and revisit. We develop integrated creative and the media components in the service of your brand and objectives. Throughout the campaign, we meet regularly with you to check in on timing and execution, to review and analyze response, and to make adjustments where needed.


When we work with you on branding, we first get to know your company priorities, background, character, and goals. Then, we craft a strategy for making that identity visible, understandable, and consistent. We bring who you are to light and to life. Your customers will recognize you in an instant—and love who you are.


Human beings have a deep relationship with design. Our feelings about a place or idea are connected to the colors, shapes, textures, sounds, patterns, and rhythms we associate with it. Latitude 42’s creative work beautifully reflects your brand identity and communicates to your customers exactly the story you want to tell.

Media planning

Insightful design is meaningless without eyes and ears to receive it. To create your media plan, we assess your goals, your current operations and assumptions, and your customers’ behaviors, actions, and perceptions. We then identify pain points, opportunities, and the dynamics of circumstances. From there, we can strategize smart, efficient ways to reach your target markets within your budget.

Ad placement

A tremendous variety of advertising vehicles is available today. We work in the full palette of digital, social, and traditional forms and stay on top of innovation to ensure your message resonates with your various target audiences.